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About us



Who we are

Our high quality standards and and desire for top performance drive us to constantly redefine what is possible.

Meissner Molding Technology develops and produces groundbreaking precision molded components and tools for high-performance industries.

Our customers are demanding for good reason. And this demand for uncompromising quality is reflected in the highly specialized and performance-oriented team that out clients expect.

We’re motivated to find possible solutions quickly and to think one step ahead.

We develop, construct and manufacture for our customers with state-of-the-art machinery and innovative approaches whether we’re building prototypes, series production and even time-sensitive contracts.

We prove this every day. And we didn’t just start yesterday. We’re a successful family owned and operated business with more than sixty years of experience in this competitive market.

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we stand for


We don‘t stop until it‘s perfect!


Meissner Molding Technology is a family business owned and operated in its second generation.


Our customers are the core of our creativity. Reliable, dependable and dedicated to finding solutions, we go to the limit (and sometimes even a little further) for our clients.


Through continuous investment in the most modern technology combined with our years of expertise in the field, we are able to implement solutions that redefine what is technologically possible.

Employee Orientation

Highly qualified employees are both our prerequisite and our guarantee of success. That is why we never stop investing in our team – constantly and individually.

Quality Management

Making Sure the Mold Fits

Quality management is the foundation of our conviction and an obvious requirement for successful cooperation with our demanding customers.  This is why we apply the highest standards of modern quality management to every step of the production process.  This is just one of the many reasons that our return customers stay with us year after year.

And we have it in writing.  Download our multiple ISO certifications here:


we come from

Founded as a sole proprietorship under the name “Roland Meissner Model Building”
Relocation of the foundry modeling facility for wood and plastic tools to the city of Steinen in southern Germany
Introduction of CAD and CAM technology

Movement away from the artisanal model production to the highly specialized manufacture of molds and components in the production of steel tools

Transformation of the small private business into a limited liability company with Elfriede, Roland and Christoph Meissner as managing directors
Multiple expansions of the business
Turn of the millennium
Passing of the torch to the younger generation resulting in the current leadership organization
Continuous investment, expansion and optimization of the manufacturing process
Who we work for
What our customers say.

Our customers like to say that there are no compromises at Meissner.

We work for clients in high-performance industries such as medical technology and automotive manufacturing.  These are fields with great demands who expect uncompromising quality and flawless performance from our products. Our customers value our precision and innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible – and at fair prices. (Know-how, more affordable, more efficient and faster)

Relationships with our clients are built on reliability, trust and innovation and out customers show their appreciation by maintaining long relationships with Meissner.

Recently I was holding an unbelievable prototype of a Meisser tool in my hands and had to ask, ‘So if this comes from a mold, where are the seams and the imperfections?’ Meissner answered ‘Oh, sorry. We must have forgotten the imperfections.
You can trust Meissner. To them a promise is a promise.
They aren‘t cheap, but they are absolutely reliable.
These southern Bavarians are crazy! And I mean that in the best way!
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Who works
for us

Our people don‘t stop until the work is perfect.

Meissner Molding Technology is constantly redefining what is possible.  The standards are set by us and this is also true of out team.  They seek perfection whether they’re creating prototypes, developing small batches or even in series production.

The people at Meissner always give their all – especially when the task is most demanding.

To do so, they use not only the most up-to-date technology but also a passion for detail and broad expertise.  To guarantee this high quality, we push, and we support out employees in their everyday work as well as through further training and education.

Cooperation and loyalty are part of who we are and the relationships with out employees are built on continuity.  Most of our employees have been working at Meissner Molding Technology for many years proving that it isn’t just talk.  We mean what we say.

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